Custom-Made Blessing Book Gift

B:Book - Custom Made Blessing Book GiftB:Book - Custom Made Blessing Book Gift
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B:Book™ -  The Unforgettable, Unique Gift

If you're looking for a unique gift to celebrate a meaningful person in your life, a way to mark a ceremony or rite of passage for someone dear to you, the B:Book - Blessing Book - offers you a personalized service for producing an exquisite, custom-made blessing book gift.

The B:Book is a collection of blessings from family, friends and colleagues shared through words and images; blessings emanating from love, friendship, inspiration and appreciation, assembled in an elegant, hand-made book to
commemorate someone special in your life.

The B:Book team manages the production of your custom-made B:Book by:

  • Sending out invitations to the community of people you choose to have participate;
  • Formulating blessing guidelines unique to your B:Book;
  • Gathering people’s blessings and formatting your unique gift with one of our elegant
    design selections;
  • Hand-binding your B:Book and shipping it anywhere in the world.

So, if you feel that an important person or occasion in your life merits a meaningful gift that is one of a kind, and wish someone could manage such an undertaking for you, we invite you to explore our website and contact us for any further information.

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"In honor of your birthday, your wonderful, special family have given me a golden opportunity to tell you what we don't usually say enough or don't say at all - how much I love you!"

I.M. for her uncle's birthday

"Your strength and endurance serve as my inspiration through every challenge I face... I'm so lucky and grateful to have you as my Mom."

S.P. for her Mom's birthday